Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Vital!

For my third Vox Box of the year, Influenster sent me the Vita Vox Box. This box was full of fun things that didn't necessarily connect in one way or another, but were all vital to everyday life, which I've realised after testing them for this semi-short period. If you've been reading my blog up until now you may have already seen a few things, so this will just round up my final points and thoughts on the products. So what did they send me and how did I like everything?
  • Playtex Sport tampons
  • Softlips lipbalm cube (missing from my package)
  • First Degree burn cream tube
  • Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Ceremide Capulet Serum
  • Pure Leaf tea, unsweetened
  • Bikini Ready Lifestyle gummy vitamin sample

A lot of what was included quickly became my favourite things, which may have been the work of the universe. "I have never even burned myself enough to use this," I said when I opened the box and discovered the burn cream, which quickly became my biggest need over the two months, Tampons, always good. The lipbalm cube had also come in my Spring Vox Box, so I was able to keep loving that and sharing it. Pure Leaf, well I've wasted all my money on that. Elizabeth Arden might not be for sensitive faces, so I've had my mum using it.

One thought I have is what is the proper rating for this box? 0/10 since Influenster didn't give me the full bottle of Bikini Ready haha. Totally KIDDING, of course! I rate each product separately, but I do give this box an overall A rating.

Playtex Sport: 5/5 VITAL
One of my previous entries was dedicated to Playtex Sport and my thoughts on the tampons. I recall, "For getting me to go from hating tampons to testing and loving them, 5/5. Definitely worth at least trying. I don't think there are any cons to this except maybe that they are scented and this can be irritating to the body - and I haven't seen any unscented ones. Other than that, everything is swell."

Softlips lipbalm cube: 4/5 VITAL
Though I'm not sure if I have ever given a proper rating for this product, I have found other lipbalms that I don't have to apply so frequently. We won't get into that now. However, I do love this product. "Though not conventionally shaped, it is very compact which I found convenient. Since I have skin that tends  to get oily, choosing a product can become problematic. I'd definitely recommend this after having used it."

First Degree burn cream: 5/5 VITAL
Oh where do I start? As I said before, I didn't think I would need this product. Within the first five days of having it around I did. Though not a burn, the cream really helped to heal a badly busted nail. Out of the three active ingredients, two of them can be beneficial for most types of cuts, scrapes, etc. I have since used this on food burns, scratches, open bug-bites, and even small open areas from hitting my toes on things. Perfection.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Ceremide Caplet Serum: 3/5 GOOD
If you've been reading, you have probably already seen an entry dedicated to this product. I have had my ups and downs with it, but it isn't a bad product. And my mum likes it. To get Flawless Future to a 5/5 I would probably have to test other products in the line as this particular one is not necessary to me personally at this time. If you find yourself stressed with wrinkles starting to show, however, I do recommend this!

Pure Leaf tea: 5/5 VITAL
I don't know what it is about this tea, but I feel like it is definitely better than the others. The price, not so much. But you do get what you pay for. After having a sip of the one sent to me, I did add a pinch or two of sugar as unsweetened really isn't my... cup of tea. (Pun unintended, really.) Anyways, I tried out both the unsweetened and sweetened on multiple occasions and decided I loved it. If you have the $2 per bottle to spend, do it! If not, you can always buy a package of Lipton tea bags and make your own at home~

Bikini Ready Lifestyle gummies: 5/5 VITAL
Yet another product I have dedicated a whole post to. "Out of all the supplements I have tried, I think this might be my favourite. I wasn't drained after the supplements wore off, and I didn't feel shaky while still at full energy." The only setback is that a bottle is about $15 plus shipping & handling + tax if a local store doesn't carry the line depending on the state, which is something I can't do. But, this doesn't mean this wasn't an ace product. I may have to get a bottle for when I go out of state, so I'm at full energy and in good spirits the whole time.

This is it~ This box of products sent by Influenster for testing is definitely VITAL! Be sure to tune in for a guest post, reviews of gifts Influenster supporting companies have sent me, and more~

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