Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Pulp Zine: Jewellery Box Collective - Outtakes

Here from The Pulp Zine? Carry on. Blog visitor? Halt. You may want to click here to see the lovely photos and short interviews with the designers featured below. All of these are the photo outtakes, as obviously not all photos could be used; some photos that should be in the outtakes section have gone missing, but as always there are some lovely shots. The original post will be live shortly!

 Enchanted Creativity

 photo tumblr_n1bmqxCgI41qbxcq9o1_500_zps9cf4c131.jpg
 photo il_570xN500604736_c9j0_zpsdf13462d.jpg
 photo il_570xN500597202_repe_zpsacfa5e5e.jpg
 photo IMG_5538CR2_zps5e7a2dce.jpg
 photo IMG_5469CR2_zpsb114e55c.jpg
 photo IMG_5430_zpsda79fe37.jpg
 photo IMG_5424_zps54e6001a.jpg
 photo IMG_4686_zpsf8438e4c.jpg
 photo IMG_4512_zps394d8f23.jpg
 photo IMG_4501CR2-001_zpsbb92a7f1.jpg

 photo mala_3_zps12302d7e.jpg
 photo mala_5_zpsb138f636.jpg

Jai Mala Rose
 photo TreaureChestCU_zps5b3a8fe8.jpg
 photo SidebySide1_zpsa0ed6a82.jpg
Emmy Eff Designs
 photo DSC00766_zps3c93cfec.jpg
Gemini Rising
 photo photo4_zps86679a89.jpeg 
 photo photo3_zps585089b5.jpeg
 photo photo1_zps1c833b70.jpeg

Crystalsoup! and Lily Jane

 photo 5fc4f1a6b38211e38a340accca05616b_8_zps4c64c88d.jpg
 photo 7b0706c2ae7b11e393ba0ed58683ea0d_8_zps65b536e5.jpg
 photo 52aebe94af9411e3a1d512fc23108d59_8_zpsce35a306.jpg 
 photo b023dddab40211e38899128d0c899e67_8_zps8e8ddf24.jpg
 photo 9d7bd99ea3d611e38e961244789a1353_8_zpsf496b122.jpg 
 photo tumblr_n1nfm5B1ak1s10guho1_500_zps41deb25b.jpg
 photo tumblr_n1wkn0fV7T1s10guho1_500_zps459240aa.jpg
Luna Wonder

 photo LWParcels_zps5f892b05.jpg
 photo LWPackaging_zpsecfe8c58.jpg
 photo LWItemsandPackaging_zps4a834657.jpg
 photo LWVelvetChokers_zps2c38a8d4.jpg
 photo LWNecklaces_zpsb8e9e626.jpg

So, dear friends, if you were wondering what I wanted for my birthday there's this lovely bunch of designers I know... hehe
Much love to everyone who took part in this collective. So many people were behind getting the interviews coordinated and completed, as well as special photos for this set. There were no photo outtakes for The Serpents Club. Also keep an eye out here for something with Rachelle Tratt of The Neshama Project who was unable to be with us for this collective due to her travels - she was very enthusiastic. 

All photos were provided by their respective designers, please do not reproduce any of these images without credit. Some photos were pre-watermarked, other photos have had a watermark added in. If you do reproduce a photo, please remember that on top of the credit the watermarks are not to be removed.

What did you like most about this collective of mine? Please share your thoughts below, any messages will be relayed to the designers.

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