Friday, 21 February 2014

Babely Valentines

With this week escalating into one bad event after another, blogging was put on hold for me. Being sick took it's toll and wiped any energy I had, preventing me from doing all the photos and transfers needed for a post. Flashback to last Friday - Valentine's Day.

This year I was in a very festive mood in terms of actually making Valentine cards. Instead of pining over making the perfect thing for a certain someone, I gave up hopes of having a boy this year and did Valentines for rad girls. Not store bought ones either.

With glitter glue, sequins, and tons of other cute things, I made some great cards for amazing friends and random blog followers who deserved a little extra in the good vibes department. A good portion of this little lot went to Midge Blitz over at ModernGirlBlitz. She'll be returning the love and I'll definitely post about it when I get to my next round of my mail haul, as it really built up over this week.

The final products were pretty great, I think. 

I've also chosen the winners for my art postcard giveaway: Kriselle from Livin' & Lovin' blog and an Allie who had also entered. Congratulations you guys, emails have been sent out for addresses and I can't wait to send you your cute lil' loves.

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