Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Tree Kisser gift(s) and autumn/winter haul

My plan for this blog was not to have entries back to back, but this could not wait. After spending a portion of my day tracking it down, I finally have my package from Jessica (The Tree Kisser.) Fashion, food, activism. *No animals harmed. Pure perfection, if you ask me. So this blog will basically be catching up with some things since my school year has been pretty busy. Other than some tweets, my lack of a phone &/or camera has left me without thank you posts. So here it is!

Since the main feature of this post is Jessica and her clothing line, The Tree Kisser, here are all her links:

I'm very excited to own a piece of her line. The shirt is lovely, and the packaging was exquisite. "Animals Are Not Fabric" was the shirt featuring in my illustration for econ, also what she sent me. Next on my list is to buy "Wear Pink, Not Mink" because it's just perfect. The packaging was really adorable - complete with a logo sticker for the wrapped-up item, a hand-written thank you note, and cute little piggy stamps on the package.

The shirt itself is a crop top, sized L/XL for a slouchy, long look. And the bumper sticker was a hit with my cat.

Thanks so, so much to Jessica for this lovely gift. Her kindness really warms my heart and I can't wait to go around wearing this so her message can warm the hearts of others, hopefully changing the way they think about the use of animals in fashion and in daily life. Next up are some shots of a contest I won back in September. This was hosted by, coincidentally, Jessica. The box came during a time of stress so other than a bunch of tweets, my excitement wasn't really shown. 

This beautiful bunch includes a dog-tag necklace set from VgirlsVguys: rescue, and a pawprint; Cocomels; a copy of Beg by Rory Freedman; and a sweet card. Below is a conditioning oil from Simplecare Products - which has become a daily product - and a charity pot lotion from Lush. Not pictured are two shirts: one from the Love Infinitely Project and one from Hendrick Boards - there around somewhere, I just have to do a bit of unpacking!

Again, thank you so much to Jessica. Words will never truly fulfill my gratitude. Since I'm on cosmetics, the next images are my recent cosmetic deliveries and gifts. First, a Julep maven box - free, shipped courtesy of my mum with the Mary Kay Satin Lips set gifted to me from my friend Claudia. Second, a very generous gift from vegan cosmetic company Cate McNabb. Included is a creme to powder foundation, loose powder, concealer, and lip stain - as well as the creme to powder and loose powder samples that were sent prior, And third the Beauty Blogger Darlings set from Too Faced, purchased with a gift card my mum had handed off to me since she wasn't able to use it.

Along with the gift card to Macy's, my mother also gave me a 20$ card for Shutterfly which she had been given for free from The Children's Place when buying clothing for a family in need. I ended up having to pay over 10$ shipping - there's always a catch with promotions right? - but it was well worth it. The entire scrapbook is of my adventures with really important, life-changing people from San Pedro Ballet School. (Most of which I know through other activities of the owners and their son.) It came out fabulous.

A very sweet surprise was a package from peta2 for a competition I had entered in June of 2013 or before. Having completely forgotten, I got an email months later to provide my address in case I turned out to be a final contestant. After that I didn't hear back about final winners and forgot until one day a parcel showed up that I hadn't ordered. I thought it was a mistake, but inside was a signed copy of Cinematics from Set It Off and one of their shirts - with a fox, of course.

Christmas came around and my mum said we could celebrate since my sister had wanted to. Although it was pretty tight this year, I got a really nice Tommy Hilfiger purse with matching wallet from her, as well as a replacement Paris Hilton perfume since the other broke. Between my Uncle & Nana and Marissa, I ended up with three nice journals that are always nice to have around. 

After holiday my stepdad got paid and kept true to telling me that he'd get me any book or crystals I wanted as a late Christmas gift. Since John Edward was having a holiday bundle sale, I got all this for the price of one or two books from a shop.

There were also some lovely followers of mine from tumblr that sent me gifts - one a package of assorted teas, crystals, and incense and another of home-made and hand-picked candles, incense, tea, and items for protection, luck, and cleansing. Not pictured from tumblr followers would be a box of Twinings tea and some samples of Teavana teas.

Great spiritual gifts continue with another instagram contest that I won, hosted by Christi from Gemini Rising. Along with the lovely quartz point hair clip that I won, she sent a few small random gifts. Including: lucky rabbit foot (fake I hope?), a white candle that bleeds colour when burning, and her favourite chunk of labradorite.

I honestly hadn't realised how much stuff I had been gifted over the past 6 or 7 months until now, and I'm extremely thankful. Although it hasn't all been things I've wanted extremely badly or needed, it's all been a very nice luxury. It's all been things I wouldn't have been able to get because I've spent that time giving to people in need. Below is one of the only photos I have of a good deed - but it's an important one. Holiday Mail for Heroes. Doing this warmed my heart so much, and I hope that whoever got one of my cards really enjoyed it.

So this is basically the good things that have come in the last half a year. Always remember to be generous and help those in need as often as you can, give as much as you can, and always be kind. Eventually the universe will bring it all back to you somehow!



  1. This is an amazing haul! So cool that you got all of this!

    1. Thank you! Feeling so blessed to have received so much this last year.